Hogwarts House Mascot Hats

So let’s talk about double-sided knitting.


  • Two sides means double warm
  • Two hats in one
  • Fashion versatility
  • Multi-color knitting without floats


  • Takes twice as long
  • Casting on can be annoying
  • Decreasing and increasing is harder
  • Dropping a stitch is harder to fix

In short double-sided knitting is harder, but if you get the hang of it, it’s very rewarding. This sort of knitting is especially useful when it comes to scarves and sweaters. If you’ve never tried it before this is a pretty handy video. Like so much of knitting, it’s a technique that’s quicker to learn than it is to master.


Zev Hurwich 8231.JPG


So let’s say you now know how to knit double-sided what should you make? My first project was a design of my own. As a proud Hufflepuff I wanted something that’s stylish and also has a badger. The two colors of the houses, and simplicity of the mascots make these great projects to test this new skill.

I want to keep this first post short and sweet, and get to the most important part the pattern. Click the link below to download the pdf.

House Mascot Hat